She Lived Across the Road..


In October 2016 I found in my front garden, a letter written on Christmas Eve, 1977. The 4 pages I recovered are a detailed account of the abuse a lady suffered at the hands of her husband. 

Over the next few weeks a story unfolded as i investigated -  and i discovered her house was for sale across the road from ours.

“Mrs M” no longer lives there, but I am led to believe she is alive, in a nursing home somewhere.

“She lived across the road” is my first real attempt at painting with acrylics and I am working on a series of paintings documenting the features of her home.

These letters blew into my front yard for a reason; 40 years after they were written, travelling across 6 lanes of traffic to my front lawn. 

I want to make sure her story is told 


You can follow my progress on instagram @honidesign, #shelivedacrosstheroad



Watch this space for 2017 exhibition dates and location